About us

Welcome to the website of glass products from Bořek Šípek. The founder and managing director of the company was the architect, designer and glass artist Bořek Šípek, who was also the designer of all the glass products listed on the pages of this e-shop. Bořek Šípek has been working with glass since he was 16 years old. His stepfather, the world-renowned glass artist René Roubíček, brought him to glass, which became a great passion of his life, along with architecture.
All the glass products we offer are original pieces handmade by artistic glassmakers. The glass production is made up of top local artistic glassblowers with many years of experience. We aim to build on the best of the Czech glassmaking tradition and constantly push and raise the boundaries of glass art. We want to offer you original glass products of top quality with a modern design that bears the typical, easily identifiable signature of Bořek Šípek.

If you are interested in luxury Czech decorative glass, you are in the right place! Our online store offers products of all price categories. Here you will find original utilitarian glass, exclusive luxury decorative glass produced in limited editions, glass furniture, non-traditional lighting, gift items and special unique glass objects created to order.

We are trying to ensure that the great legacy that Bořek Šípek left us, his incredible number of beautiful glass works, will last, so you still have the opportunity to buy and enjoy his artworks.

Are you interested in glass, furniture or other products designed by Bořek Šípek, but you haven't found them on our e-shop yet? Please write to us and we will immediately send you an offer and answer all your questions.

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