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At Sipek glassworks, we sell only the very best top quality glassware. All our products are Czech designed and certified original works of art from Mr. Sipek’s creations.  Individual glass pieces as well as entire collections created by Mr. Sipek’s glassworks team are showcased on this website. 

We sculpt and produce each piece under the guidance of Mr. Sipek himself. 

Contour and colour, form and function are only limited to the artist’s imagination when conceiving each creation. The furnace that softens, the cooling and turning and blowing, the balancing of a craftsman’s hands all contribute and influence the final creation! It is exciting because it is a very creative process based on ancient techniques practiced, learned and passed on from generation to generation.

Each glass piece that we create is created to evoke an appreciation for the natural grace of glass itself: Borek Sipek pieces capture, embrace and also bend light. As a team, our creative tradition, an extension of Borek Sipek’s professional artistry, is one that always seeks to showcase the unlimited possibilities of artistic endeavour inherent when conceiving, designing, creating, and producing works of art constructed entirely of glass.

Borek Sipek sees glass as a fundamentally creative material.

Be assured that the artists and craftsmen at Sipek Glassworks are totally committed to producing original top quality pieces that share a fragile beauty yet pristine clarity within; for each piece embodies the journey of light through transparent depths, the freeze-frame quality that holds each intricately shaped curve eternally still, ensuring awe-inspiring beauty is forever ours (or yours should you make a purchase) to behold whenever we look upon these creations.

There is nothing quite like glass, from its initial dry granular state to its heated state as a soft malleable substance almost pleading with humanity for something distinctive, something that quietly reveals an efficiency of edge and a beautiful array of surfaces for the hand to touch and hold, for the eyes to look upon with wonder.

As a creative veteran whose productions span many decades Borek Sipek creates and designs, guides production and eagerly invites artistic collaborations because he still possesses a child-like fascination for glass as a fundamental material that intrigues and stimulates, invites and impassions us all. 

And should you scroll through our web-pages or take time out of your busy day to visit one of our showrooms, you will undoubtedly recognize the cubist in some of his creations, the impressionist, the naturalist, the classicist, and yes, the practical uses of glass. For glass is not simply just pretty to look at or affecting to touch, glass has an inherent intelligence in its very structure.


Directions for use of Borek Sipek glass – coming soon.